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Possibilities solutions can be used across many industries, in a variety of applications and implementation scenarios. This section outlines some of the applications of’s technology – and includes details on how customers can use to achieve tangible results by improving the quality of their information.

Through its flexible technology and easy-to-use interface, gives organizations a complete, integrated solution for the inspection, correction, integration, enhancement and control of customer data. The technology is designed to work with your existing applications and information systems to allow for rapid implementation and lower total cost of ownership.

Importantly our client’s can use our technology without having to rebuild existing applications and processes from the ground up.

Integration to and from other systems

Data integration doesn't have to be a barrier to success or an expensive affair. An effective data integration strategy can lower costs and improve productivity by ensuring the consistency, accuracy and reliability of data across your enterprise.

Depending on your database sets we can look at different approaches to import your data into’s solutions, and alternatively look at methods to feed that data into other systems.

Master Data Management

For companies who want to consolidate data without the time, expense and risk associated with application integration, the emerging choice is master data management. This method of data integration provides a unified view of data, taking information from various data sources - from existing enterprise applications to legacy data sources - and intelligently integrating that information into a master reference file. helps build a repository of all customer data that can then feed back into other systems that have a customer relationship component. technology provides the ability to build detailed data quality and data integration routines to standardize, match and enhance data as information moves into the master reference file.

When solution is linked with other systems such as CRM modules it provides advantages such as

  • Provides a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Create an instant competitive advantage through improved responsiveness because data is cleansed and corrected before it reaches the centralized database
  • Saves money and resources due to improved revenue management, effective marketing, and better business decisions
  • Provides rapid query, analysis, and reporting functionality
  • Allows users to access multiple data sources and instantly transform the data into useful information for analysis

Data Warehousing

The primary reason for building a data warehouse is to develop an intelligent, consolidated view of your customer data and information. But as time flies by, a large number of business intelligence and data warehousing initiatives fail because of erroneous or incomplete data. Often, companies ignore the importance of developing a data management strategy. Due to the lack of data management techniques, data arriving at the data warehouse — and data that moves downstream into business intelligence activities — is often unreliable and inconsistent. tries to break that cycle by serving as an integral part of your data warehouse architecture. Rather than introducing new data into the data warehouse without regard to the quality of the information, technology can inspect, correct and integrate data before loading it into the system.

Legacy Data Migration

Modernizing an IT environment from legacy systems to newer databases can be an expensive task. Projects typically fall behind because legacy systems hold large volumes of potentially useful data that cannot be discarded. But converting this data to new systems can be costly, time-consuming and error-prone. tries to help its client transform data from one system to another.

Database Marketing helps you consolidate customer or prospect records, append data to strengthen contact information and verify and validate select information. With better data, you can reach more prospects with your campaigns — and build a foundation of customer data that can help you communicate with your customers more effectively.


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