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When you're considering a solution to improve your data, you need to look for technology that can help you inspect, correct, integrate, enhance and control data - all from the same platform. provides a true end-to-end customer data management solution on the market, complete with all of the necessary functionality to create consistent, accurate and reliable information pockets.

Our management system is available on the web, with 24 hour access or with a stand alone desktop system. Our approach is simple – enable companies to store data, run our intelligent data information and help convert to information for your future use.

The use of this information is infinite from obtaining leads, to integration to other modules.

To support our approach for your customer data management, uses unique systems architectures. Unlike other vendors, all our solutions are built from the same code base, providing a high degree of flexibility and scalability. This gives you the confidence you need to use our applications in business-critical processes throughout your organization.

Overview:’s online Customer Database Management system can be used by many numbers of customers, to upload and manage their database. The database could also be in different format and in size – accessible from any part of the world and during any time of the day.

  • Different structure of database
  • Graphical and tabular real time reports
  • Automating with the legal system to upload database
  • Import data based on different search criteria to required formats
  • Secure and reliable both in terms of database and connectivity

  • Ability to maintain different types of data sets (database) under one account
  • Ability to create new database based on the type of data being uploaded (example: - different events, functions, registrations, promotions, coupons, etc).
  • Upload data using Text file, Excel or any database to the online data center
  • Upload data manually – useful to enter records which are few in numbers or to enter directly from coupons.
  • Automatic cleansing, linking and enrichment of data
  • View data based on different search criteria. Search results will be in a structured format
  • Get reports in graphical and/or tabular format for different database uploaded and based on different report criteria
  • Compare database based on different pre defined values and assess the strength and weaknesses
  • Download data for a particular date range, based on criteria, or completely to the local machine – certain set of the database like email, name, etc can be downloaded.
  • Provide access to different staff in the company to access the database – based on access restrictions.
  • Access the database and the reports anytime (24X7) from any part of the world using a web browser.
  • Integrate online database with the legacy system and keep up to date records at both location

There are a tremendous amount of benefits with our systems, some of which are:

  • Centralized Data management
  • Up to date and distinct data
  • Access from anywhere at anytime
  • Secured and restricted access to data
  • Easy to find information in a more structured manner
  • Immediate access for marketing purposes, thus avoiding waiting time
  • Automatic cleaning and filtering of data
  • Removal of duplicated data
Support and approach:

Our online solution and desktop solution gives you access to your data 24 by 7. Prior to subscription to our service one of our consultants will contact you to help identify your needs, and construct an online account based on your requirements. Our initial set-up will also look after importing of any important data into our systems. Post account set up we will conduct training on key staff members to ensure proper system usage.

An account Manager will also be allotted to you who will be available to look into and take care of any support, questions or services that may be required during the course of the account.

Based on your organization’s set-up and systems – we can further integrate or cater to your organization’s growing need.

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